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new year  message 2014

Compare ourselves with Prophet Jonah and find out what attitude taken us away from God

We are now reach the first Lent season of this year (January 25- 28, 2015), please observe the Lent by everyone to prepare the war against the evil. Be strong enough to live as a real Christian in this world and witness our Lord Jesus Christ.

"The men of Nineveh will rise up in the Judgment with this generation and condemn it, because they repented at the preaching of Jonah; and indeed a greater than Jonah is here." St. Matthew 12:41.

With sorrow and great tears the entire city wept, and with one voice implored before justice, that the Lord may hear its suplication and the fasting that it had offered up and to remove the punishment and the wrath that was about to take place. God who received its supplication, answer Your servants, who, behold, beseech You and accept our fasting and prayers and have mercy upon us. The Ninevites who were uncircumcised gentiles and barbarians repented and were converted by the single preaching of Jonah. How much presumptuous and hard-hearted are we. For day and night the scriptures and read before us and our heart has not become soft and changed. We are not terrified by the justice. Blessed is the Good One who endures us and bears our wickedness. (taken from, night prayers of Nineveh Lent).

Great Lent
Great Lent is at the door. One more oportunity to come close to God, please all the families to prepare to observe the Gret Lent. It start from February 15th Sunday 6.00PM and end with Holy Resurrection on April 5th Sunday. I am planning to have evening prayer every day (Monday to Thursday not on Friday) by 7.30PM. Please try to attend. God bless.
Area 1 Prayer Meeting

Area 1 prayer meeting at the residence of Thomas Varughese and Family on February 7th Saturday @ 7:00 pm. They invited all church members for the prayer. Please bring your Holy Bible and hymn book.


MMVS Elected the new office bearers of the year 2015. Congratulations!!

Mrs. Sheeba Cherian.         Secretary

Mrs. Salamma Alex            Treasurer

Mrs. Shiji Mathan               PRO

Mrs. Ani Ninan                   Committee Member

Mrs. Saji Cherian               Committee Member

Mrs Sheeba George           Committee Member.


March 1st. Sunday. Essay competition for MMVS, Venue: Our Church

Subject. "Sabha Charithrathe Bhasuramakkiya Parisudha Vattasseril Thirumeni", or "Vattasseril Thirumeni who illuminated our Church History."

Time limit is 30 minutes

Prizes, First Prize: $250.00; Second Prize: $200.00; Third Prize: $150.00; and 5 consolation prizes of $ 75.00 Each.

More information please contact our secratary Mrs. Sheeba Cherian.


Prayer meeting of OCYM for the month of February will be at the residence of Stephen and Treasurin on  6th February(Friday) at 8.30 pm.


Upcoming Events

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Scripture Reading

February,   1    2015

The Sunday of All Departed Clergy


Before Holy Qurbana             

  Numbers 20: 23-29
  Deutoronomy 34: 1-8
  Isaiah 65: 13 - 20

Holy Qurbana

 Acts 20: 26 - 38

 1 Thessalonians 4: 13 - 5:11

St. Matthew 24:  42  - 51



Worship Schedule

8:30 AM - Morning Prayer
9:30 AM - Holy Qurbana
11:30 AM - Noon - Sunday School &
                Spiritual Organizations Meeting

7:30 PM - Evening Prayer and
               Intercessory Prayer to St. Mary
7:00 PM - Evening Prayer, Holy Eucharist,
               Intercessory Prayer to St. Mary and
               Prayer for the sick and needy
4:00 PM - Choir Practice
6:30 PM - Evening Prayer

Prayer Request